Our Lives as a Boston Terrier
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    August 31st, 2009vivaelramboNews

    Dis makes Rambo so sad. I’s gots no more questions to answers from yous! CALLING FOR MORE QUESTIONS! Get da word out to your friends!

    What Would Rambo Do?
    Are you lost? Cornfused? Need advice? Send all your thoughts to Rambo@vivaelrambo.com and the ones worthy shall be answered by ME! Rambo!

    In the meantime, enjoy:


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    August 27th, 2009vivaelramboBoston Terriers are TOTAL PWNAGE

    Was dis week tough? Are you’s stressed out? Did da toilet paper runs out on you? What ever you do, is everything going horribly wrong? Do you’s just need a laugh?
    hurr_durrLife be too short to waste on sadness and frowns. Be merry and happy! Dat is what a Boston Terrier is for!

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    August 27th, 2009vivaelramboEpic FAIL of the Day


    I’s don’t care who you are, if you have a dog like dat, they deserve to be punched in da face.

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    August 23rd, 2009vivaelramboBoston Terriers are TOTAL PWNAGE

    Toronto SUN reports today:

    Misbehaving Boston Terrier among finalists in contest for naughtiest
    Toronto’s own Gizmo the Boston terrier is vying to be the top dog when it comes to being Canada’s Naughtiest Dog. Gizmo is one of five Ontario finalists in the dogfight to win a training session and help break her of those bad habits that drive dog owners doggone crazy. “She’s definitely rambunctious,” Madigan said yesterday, adding she did try to take her to obedience school. “It didn’t go so well,” she said. “The first class was great … but after that, she couldn’t focus. She just wanted to play with the other dogs and if they had graded us, she would have failed.” Gizmo may be a bad dog — chomping up folded laundry, chewing walls and eating her owner’s food — but she’s still loved.

    Gizmo: She's bad to the bone!

    She's bad to the bone!

    Me thinks I are in love. I mean look at her! She be perfect as Rambo’s bride. Now what really bites da dust is dat if she wins, they be trying to fix her naughty ways! What’s da point of dat??!! I say keep her da way she is! Obedience training?! PSSHHH! Here I come Canada!! I be on me way to save da perfect girl of me dreams!!


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    August 22nd, 2009vivaelramboToday's Rambo

    I’s got’s me eye goober cleaned today by mommy! What be an eye goober? Dis be what an eye goober looks like:eyegoober Dis happens once in a while when me eyes gets all liquidy from irritations. Darn me cute big buggy eyes or fury!! Anywho, mommy was cleaning me eye goober and **GASP** she find a DEAD BUG in the folds of me eye wrinkles. deadbugDa poor poor bug! I would never want to be squasheded by any kind of fold!! I don’t know how he gots there but I wanted to say, I so sawry, my friend for squashing you… I SO SAWRYYY!!!

    R.I.P mister bug.

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    August 20th, 2009vivaelramboNews

    There be news dat a Boston Terrier named Bandit was dog-knapped away from his family and was found killed, skinned, and mutilated at a nearby high school in Milwaukie, Oregon.


    Portland Police and Humane Society be working together to find and prosecute da horrible horrible person dat did dis to Bandit. The Oregon Humane Society be offering $1000 reward for informations leading to dis mad man’s conviction.

    There will be justice for Bandit

    There will be justice for Bandit


    There be a memorial for Bandit at de Rex Putnam High School on September 19th where Bandit was brutally murdered. There be raffles and gift donations with all proceeds going to de Bandit Memorial as well as de Boston Rescue in Portland.

    Me thoughts are with Bandit and his family. There will be justice Bandit! There will be justice.


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    August 20th, 2009vivaelramboEpic FAIL of the Day


    Dis be de perfect example of why Boston Terrier’s be superior K9s.

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    August 17th, 2009vivaelramboBoston Terriers are TOTAL PWNAGE

    It be common sense dat Boston Terriers are naturally talented creatures. We Boston Terriers be smart, cunning, sly, talented, and just so darn CUTE. For dat reason, me would like to take a moment and honor a group of awesomesauce Boston Terriers! Introducing da HUNTINGTON BEACH BOSTON BUDDIES SURF TEAM!! SurfThese guys will be competing at da SURF CITY SURF DOG competition on October 10th! Come out and cheer on these guys if you can! Dis is for a good cause and a charity event! There be 2K walks, K9 Kayaking, and Costume Contest too!!

    These guys are soooo cool! Me wish dat I can be like them one day. Da only skillz ME! Rambo has be:

    Driving da Tanks and PWNING Kittehs.

    Flying da Chopper and PWNING fools.

    So if you need ME! Rambo! for Total Pwnage, you can contact me at rambo@vivaelrambo.com. I be posting proof of TOTAL PWNAGE.

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    August 16th, 2009vivaelramboWhat Would Rambo Do?


    Mahlia from Torrance writes:

    Hi Rambo,
    First of all let me tell you I’m a HUGE fan of urs and ur blog site is AMAZING. The question I wanna ask u is: How can I convince my parents to get a puppy? I love dogs and I want one really bad but my parents think they are a lotta work. I know I can take care of dogs, how should I approach my parents?
    Thank you!!

    Dat’s a great question Mahlia. There are numbers of ways you can go about dis but whatever you do DON’T just bring home a dog! Follow dis step by step method!

    Step 1)
    Dis is DE most important step I say and de reason why you shouldn’t just bring home a dog. Think of de dog first! Is da dog going to be happy and comfy at where you live? Can you and your family give it 100% of you love and attention?? It be very important dat de new memba of de family is taken care of as a GROUP effort. Dogs aren’t dumb! We know when we feel unloveded 🙁 Your parents are right Mahlia, a dog is hard work and will need all da love and attention it deserves! All dogs need to be walked at least 3 times a day or up to 8 times a day as a pup! Regardless of how tired yous are or busy yous are, you must be commited to take us on me walks or else there be messes made in de house!! Your parent’s will NOT like dat. If you be 100% confident and commited here, go to step 2!!

    Make it a poop free house!

    Make it a poop free house!

    Step 2)
    Do your research! Every dog be different in every way! Don’t just pick de cutest looking dog, look for da one dat bestest fits your household and personality. Think about you surroundings. Do you live in a house or apartment? Do you have a big yard? Dat may narrow down da breed. If you want a mellow dog, a terrier breed may be out of de question! Example time!
    Danbob Naturally, US Boston Terriers be an excellent selection and are GREAT companions! We love you long time and unconditionally! But as you can see in de image above, we requires TONS of exercise and walks to release me energy! Commitment for a lot of play time is a must! We hair’s are short and don’t shed as much so we be easy to groom and maintain. Bostons can be a challenge as we cannot stand too hot or too cold weather so be sure dat there be plenty of water and set up a cozy temperature for us! Although Boston’s snore and have atomic farts, we be loyal to you to de end! Read up on every breed you are considering! There be nothing worse than an unhappy dog. An unhappy dog makes for an unhappy time for your family!

    Step 3)
    Now dat you have done de research, share these informations to your parents. Tell them everything dat needs to be done in order to take care of a puppy. Show them your daily schedule and what needs to be done on a daily basis. Show them the breeds dat you be interested in and see if dat fits their needs. This be da part where you show them that you did all your homeworks and you are 100% dedicated.

    Step 4)
    Show them pictures! Take a field trip to your local shelter!! There be a lot of shelters with dogs looking for a good home!! Even puppies! Here be some excellent links:


    Step 5)
    IF ALL FAILS! Show them DIS!!

    I's got's my eyes on you!!!

    I's got's my eyes on you!!!

    They will not be able to stand the cuteness of ME! Rambo!

    Best of luck Mahlia! I hope you find da best companion dat is best for you and your family!!


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    August 15th, 2009vivaelramboRambo's Review of Doom


    I know dat dis movie came out last week but it was too good to pass up me opportunity to review such movie like dis!

    There be two words dat sums up dis movie. TOMMY SOLOMAN as Cobra Commander???
    Memba him?
    Tommy Solomon from "3rd Rock from the Sun"
    Cobra Commander was da toughest, meanest, scariest villain known to K9 history! Every K9 fears da wrath of de Cobra Commander!



    I still have nightmares about dis man! Tommy would neva eva do such things!! Therefore Cobra Commander did NOT instill fear as most horror movie villains should. Dis movie does not live up to da father of all horror films, Old Yellar which is notorious for da scariest twist ending of all time. Who knew dat little boy had dat much evil in him…

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