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  • Today’s Rambo -9/19/09

    September 19th, 2009vivaelramboToday's Rambo

    So todays was not a fun days for me. I needed to gets my annual physical at me scary place… DA VET.

    I had no idea where I be going. When I gots in da car I was like “YAY CAR RIDE!”. Da parents trickeded me!! How DARE they ambush me with da VET! Dr. Aaron is always so nice to me but I are scared of them pointy needles of doom. Also, I be traumatized from da last experience at da vet. My parents left me OVERNIGHT in da cold scary cages to get da bump off me paws. I NEVA EVA wanted to go back there again!! This was what happened last time:

    The horror... the horror

    The horror... the horror

    When I walked, in I immediately rememba.. ZOMG its that scary place! The nurse tried to take me to da back and I was like “NOOOOOoooOOOOooo I sooo sawwwrrryyyy!!! I won’t do it again!! I be a good boy from now on!”. Then BAM, I hit the door on me face and knocked da wind out of me. While I was stunned they got me in and did series of tests on me!!

    ITS A CONSPIRACY I TELL YOU!! DR. AARON IS IN WITH THEM!! THEY STICK MICRO CHIPS WITH DA BIG NEEDLE SO DA ALIENS CAN TRACK JOO!!! THEY PUT SOME MYSTERY GOO ON ME NOSE AND POKED FOUR NEEDLES IN ME BUTT!! FOUR NEEDLES!!! FOUR! IMA BE AN EXPERIMENT! THEN THEYplease stand byOk we’s back. I so sawry. I gots too emotional there. I don’t want to scare all da good puppys and dogs from ever going to da vet. Vets are good for da body and soul… so… yea. Well, on da bright side I am rabies free~ No Old Yellar ending for me.

    What did this experiance do for me? Well. I be much wiser, healthier, and made me a big boy.

    After da vet, mommee and daddee took me to da beach and we ate pizzaz at da beach. Yup… saw some dogs… yup…


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