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  • Epic FAIL of the Day

    September 7th, 2009vivaelramboEpic FAIL of the Day

    Like I had mentioned, I have been under da weather for da last few days. Well, so I wakeded up dis morning to an unruly phone ring and I… I… I… I WET ME BED! I are 1 years old (Approx 11 human years old) and I WET MY BED!

    The Pee Spot

    The Pee Spot

    I was just soo spooked by de ring dat I just… let go. I feels bad because I peeded on Daddee. Mommee and Daddee was very nice and supportive with me. I felt sooo bad dat I moppeded.
    Emo Rambo

    Emo Rambo

    Big boys don’t wet beds! I thought I was a big boy but clearly I are still weak in da bladder area. I deserve no walks. I deserve no treats. I deserve no belly rubz. One day I will be a REAL big boy. Watch me world!!!

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