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  • Today’s Rambo – 9/6/09

    September 6th, 2009vivaelramboToday's Rambo

    I’s like to take a moment and apologizes for de lack of blog posts de last few dayz. I are under de weather a little but your favorite K9, ME, Rambo will be back FULL SPEED AHEADS dis week.

    Prepares for DRAMA! SUSPENSE! COMEDY!

    Dis last week has been what I call, BLAHTASTIC. For example, I are just minding my own business and eating Frosty Pawz, then I realize:



    Dat’s right! Dis tape came outs of nowheres and was stucked on my butt! I mean, can a dog not get some privacy to enjoy me Frosty Paws?? I guess not! I was trying so hard to get dis tape off of me’s and what does mommy do? Dat’s right! Instead of helping me, she starts taking PICTURES!! Come on!! Not everything be a Kodak moment! Help da poor suffering son for pete’s sake!

    I was NOT happy with her. So I gave her da ol’ STINK EYE:

    da ol' STINK EYE

    da ol' STINK EYE

    On top of dat it was soo stinkin HAWT! Boston’s can’t do hawt weathers!! We’s gots flat nose of doom and does not help regulates heats and we’s body shuts down!! All in all I’s like to sum up dis week with one word:

    Today's Rambo-MOIST!

    MOIST! 9/6/2009



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