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  • I SO SAWRY, my friend!!

    August 22nd, 2009vivaelramboToday's Rambo

    I’s got’s me eye goober cleaned today by mommy! What be an eye goober? Dis be what an eye goober looks like:eyegoober Dis happens once in a while when me eyes gets all liquidy from irritations. Darn me cute big buggy eyes or fury!! Anywho, mommy was cleaning me eye goober and **GASP** she find a DEAD BUG in the folds of me eye wrinkles. deadbugDa poor poor bug! I would never want to be squasheded by any kind of fold!! I don’t know how he gots there but I wanted to say, I so sawry, my friend for squashing you… I SO SAWRYYY!!!

    R.I.P mister bug.


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