¡VIVA EL RAMBO & HALO! Our Lives as a Boston Terrier
  • Boston Terriers are talented

    August 17th, 2009vivaelramboBoston Terriers are TOTAL PWNAGE

    It be common sense dat Boston Terriers are naturally talented creatures. We Boston Terriers be smart, cunning, sly, talented, and just so darn CUTE. For dat reason, me would like to take a moment and honor a group of awesomesauce Boston Terriers! Introducing da HUNTINGTON BEACH BOSTON BUDDIES SURF TEAM!! SurfThese guys will be competing at da SURF CITY SURF DOG competition on October 10th! Come out and cheer on these guys if you can! Dis is for a good cause and a charity event! There be 2K walks, K9 Kayaking, and Costume Contest too!!

    These guys are soooo cool! Me wish dat I can be like them one day. Da only skillz ME! Rambo has be:

    Driving da Tanks and PWNING Kittehs.

    Flying da Chopper and PWNING fools.

    So if you need ME! Rambo! for Total Pwnage, you can contact me at rambo@vivaelrambo.com. I be posting proof of TOTAL PWNAGE.

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